PIO Webinar Slides | Influence Coverage & Outcomes with Broadcast Media Monitoring  

Save time and stay on top of the media.

FEMA_-_38592_-_FEMA_PIO_speaking_with_the_Spanish_Language_Station_in_Texas.jpgInforming, correcting and responding to the media is an important part of the Public Information Officer's (PIO's) job. But monitoring the news can be time consuming, particularly when it is being done manually with DVRs or similar tactics. Broadcast media monitoring makes it easy to track coverage, analyze transcripts for accuracy and share clips with colleagues.

This webinar provides a brief overview of broadcast media monitoring and then dives a little deeper into how it can be put to use in practice. A short demo rounds out the presentation. 

 Topics include:

  • An overview of broadcast media monitoring
  • How the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Boynton Beach Police Department use media monitoring
  • A brief demonstration of TVEyes

Mark Techmeyer - Director, Public Affairs Jefferson County Sheriff's Department
Stephanie Slater – PIO of the Boynton Beach Police Department and Immediate Past President of the NIOA

This webinar was held November 7, 2016.