See TVEyes Broadcast Media Monitoring in Action!

In just moments, you'll know if TVEyes is right for you. 

TVEyes makes it easy to search broadcast and be alerted to coverage as it airs. Request a free demo to find out how TVEyes:

  • Alerts you when your organization, issues or client is mentioned in broadcast
  • Captures all your coverage in every market (all 210 US DMAs plus major global markets)
  • Stores video, audio, transcript and audience data for future reporting and analysis
  • Helps you keep leadership and clients informed
  • Shows you how the media is covering emerging issues
  • Offers fixed cost subscription options tailored to meet your needs 

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  • tveyes-watchlist-550x359.png
    Monitor unlimited search terms in your Watchlist.
  • tveyes-power-search-results-550x359.png
    Power Search makes everyone a power user.
  • tveyes-media-view-clip-player-550x359.png
    Media player shows program info, audience and full text.
  • tveyes-media-view-clip-editor-550x359.png
    Media editor easily isolates desired content for future use.
  • tveyes-locker-550x359.png
    Locker stores media and reports with no time limit.
  • tveyes-report-pdf-550x359.png
    Easily generate reports with meta data and player links.
  • tveyes-watchlist-chart-markets-550x359.png
    Heat map shows where coverage is heaviest.