During this public health crisis, rely on TVEyes to monitor all your coverage on TV and Radio.

You Can Build a Crisis-Ready Organization with Broadcast Media Monitoring from TVEyes.

NewCrisisPlaybookCoverPlaybook details how broadcast intelligence can make the difference in today's continuous news environment.

Crisis impacts corporations, governments, schools and nonprofits nearly every day of the year. Most of these events make it onto local and regional TV and radio and many become national news as well. For many organizations it's not if, but when you'll be thrust into the news due to unforeseen circumstances.  The question is, how will you prepare?

Topics covered in action-oriented playbook for crisis management include:

  • Keys to successful crisis and reputation management
  • How to monitor the media in preparation for crisis
  • Automating visibility research
  • Monitoring for known and unknown risks
  • Gaining insights needed for rapid response
  • Scenario-based media training
  • Communications readiness